About our Chips

Check out what makes us different!

No Palm Oil

We pride ourselves that we have absolutely no palm oil in our products

High in Fibre

Our chips are high in fibre due to our Soya content

Low in Saturates

These chips are low in saturates as we air pop them rather then frying or baking!

Vegan Approved

We made sure all our flavours were Vegan approved! Even our Cheese & Onion!

Made in Britain

We believe in British, that's why our chips are made in England!

Gluten Free

We noticed a growing trend to eat all things Gluten free. Our chips cater for everyone's needs


We have used the finest ingredients to create the best tasting chip around. Even better they are Gluten free and suitable for Vegans! They also come in perfect 23g packs.

How It’s Made

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Protect our rainforests from deforestation

We want you to enjoy the great taste of Hawker's, whilst knowing that our stance on not using Palm Oil means you are not contributing to the uncurbed deforestation that
is having such a devastating effect on the natural habitat of so much wildlife.



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